You really have to read medical stories carefully

Once again, a headline over a medical story exaggerated the facts.

Actually, more accurately this headline in several media publications distorted the facts: Health Canada warns people with allergies against COVID-19 vaccine as cases surpass 450K.

Clearly, after reading this, anyone with any type of allergy – perhaps 20-25 % of the population – would get immediately depressed, thinking they may not get a COVID-19 vaccine for many more months, if at all.

So no doubt the headline attracted lots of eyeballs to the delight of the people who wrote the headlines, as well as to the advertisers on those sites.

But what Health Canada actually advised is that people with a known allergy to any of the components of the vaccine ought to avoid getting the vaccine for now.

That’s actually a very small number of people out there.

And even for those people, you can bet that the authorities will eventually set up special clinics to get those people one of these vaccines safely.

But that’s why you read this site for the real lowdown, right?