Another surprising benefit for some from this pandemic

According to a just-released study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, when college kids had to abandon their studies and had to head home during this coronavirus pandemic – most of them much to their chagrin having to resume living with mom and dad, of course – the amount of alcohol that these college-age kids were drinking dropped substantially.


Well, even if mom and dad allow you to raid their stash of alcohol to your heart’s delight, which is a rare thing, to be sure, quite clearly, it’s not nearly as much fun to drink with your parents, or even just with your parents around you to judge you than it is to drink with your friends in college.

Or as one of the authors of the study put it, “Drinking is a social behavior for college students, and without social interaction students are less likely to drink heavily.”

“Living with parents may especially interfere with social interaction with peers and thereby be protective against heavy drinking.”

No word in this study, though, about whether parents drink more when their kids are home again, although I’m willing to bet that they do.