As if you needed more to concern yourself with . . .

In the journal Physics of Fluids, researchers who studied air-flow patterns via computer simulation conclude that there is a higher risk of transmission of SARS-Co-V2 to children when they are walking behind quickly moving people in a long narrow hallways.

Like in some schools, of course.


Because, says this paper, if a person walking in a corridor coughs, their breath expels droplets that travel around and behind their body, forming a wake in the way a boat forms a wake in water as it travels.

And this investigation revealed the existence of a “re-circulation bubble” directly behind the person’s torso and a long wake streaming out behind them at approximately waist height, exactly the height of young kids, of course.

Now this is all computer modeling which is never to be taken at full face value unless confirmed by real-world studies.

That said . . .

I guess the solution is to try to “stay away from wakes”.