For the idiots who argue that SARS-Co-V2 is just a bad flu

I know this will not convince any of the too many COVID-19 downplayers out there because, well, because nothing will convince someone with a delusion they are holding because of, well, because who they are and what they choose to believe.

However, for the rest of you who may be thinking there’s some merit to the argument that COVID-19 is really just a bad flu season, a study just out in the BMJ found that 1) the death rate is roughly 5 times higher for COVID-19 patients than during a bad flu season, 2) that COVID-19 results in a much higher risk of complications which are seldom seen with the flu, complications such as “acute kidney and liver damage, heart disorders, stroke, severe septic shock, low blood pressure, excessive blood clotting and new-onset diabetes”.

In addition, compared to to those who require hospitalization for the flu, hospitalized COVID-19 patients were four times more likely to require breathing machines and roughly 2.5 times more likely to be treated in the ICU.

And none of this addresses the long-term health risks from COVID-19 which may yet turn out to be quite substantial.

This is a pandemic the likes of which very, very few of us have lived through.