One of the potential silver linings from this pandemic

Apparently, according to an article in the New York Times, doctors in the US are re-examining the need for so many of the routine tests they order and the drugs they disoense.

And presumably the same thing is happening up here in the True Cold, Soft, and not always-so-Free, as well.

According to Gilbert Welch, a man who often critiques the over-reliance on routine screening tests, because so many people have avoided visiting the doctor for routine stuff while this virus has been circulating, “We are in the midst of an unprecedented natural experiment that gives us an opportunity to determine the effect of a substantial decline in medical care utilization”.

My guess is that after we’re through this, and we will be eventually, the research will show that many of us were at least no worse off for avoiding a lot of the routine screening stuff that’s thrown at us, and believe it or not, that might include mammograms for many women, but many of us will actually be better off for postponing these tests.

Only time will tell, however, when we start getting data on how the death rates from cancers were affected by this amazing fall-off in routine tests that has just occurred.