COVID-19 is killing lots of young people, too

If you doubt that COVID-19 is killing substantial numbers of young people (although admittedly not to the same extent it’s killing older folks), you might want to consider this report published yesterday in JAMA.

Basically, this report found that in the US, by October, COVID-19 had already passed the old main cause of death in people aged 25-44, which is, of course, drug-use-related deaths.

And perhaps even more depressingly, this report estimates that deaths among young people from COVID-19 are probably under-estimated.

Plus, this year is not over yet and COVID-19 deaths will definitely rise in the US during the last 3 calendar months of 2020.

Remember all those headlines about opioid and drug abuse use killing young people?

Where are the equivalent headlines lamenting the loss of life from COVID-19 among the young?