You are about to learn more about Bell’s palsy than you ever thought you’d learn

Bell’s palsy is a type of facial paralysis, which is exactly what the name implies: A paralysis of facial muscles, most often following a viral infection, and usually self-limited.

The reason Bell’s palsy in the news, especially in fake news industrial feeds, is that several people who received the coronavirus vaccines from both Moderna (4 cases) and Pfizer (3 cases) developed Bell’s palsy after receiving the vaccine during the trials.

And the reason that’s becoming a “thing” in the fake news industry is, of course, because the people who favor conspiracies and scary outcomes are very interested in getting people as riled about these vaccines as they can get em to be so hey, Bell’s palsy is it, at least for now.

So is Bell’s plasy a real concern or just a by-product of very zealous reporting?

No one knows, alas!

So according to the FDA in the US, which of course reviewed the data in the vaccine trials very, very carefully, this number of people with Bell’s palsy following an immunization may just be due to chance.

That said, the vaccine might also be triggering this reaction, so needless to say, health authorities all over the world, and the news industry will be looking at – and reporting on – every occurrence of Bell’s palsy they can find.