Great news for avocado toast fans like me

I used to hate em.

But somehow I learned to love avocados, and for me, dinner is now not complete unless I’ve had some avocado in my nightly salad.

Even better, avocados are, of course, a health food, with studies having established that avocados can help reduce abnormal cholesterol levels, help satiate you after a meal, and serve as a good source of healthy fats and fiber.

And now a 163-person study published in the Journal of Nutrition raises the ante by concluding that people who eat avocados daily have better gut microbes.

Plus, this study speculates, avocados seem to help people excrete fat in their stool so that even though avocados are calorific, a person who eats avocados regularly likely won’t gain weight from them.

Although that would depend, of course, on how many avocados you eat.

One avocado a day, OK.

4 avocados a day, probably not that OK.