Good news for cheese lovers

A 1787-person study of people between the ages of 46 to 77 (and followed for over a decade) published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has concluded that yes, hurray, some foods can help your brain age better.

And the very great news for some of us is that the food that was particularly linked with better cognitive functioning later in life was – hold your nose – cheese.

And chees was better by far, say the researchers, than any other food (although sadly, they didn’t comment on whether a bleeding brie beat a gripping gorgonzola.

Also, daily consumption of alcohol was helpful for cognitive retention, although clearly, that depends a lot on how much alcohol a person drinks regularly.

Now it could just be, of course, that people who can afford good cheeses are pre-destined to have healthier brain functioning as they age compared to people who can’t afford cheese.

I choose to believe, however, that it’s the manchego, not the moola, that makes for a healthier brain.

Guess how I celebrated this study last night?

And tonight.

And tomorrow.

And . . .