Just in case you weren’t convinced yet . . .

About why you really really really don’t want to get infected with COVD-19, even if you’re a healthy 20-year-old and you only go on to develop a mild infection, a study just published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association has come up with a pretty compelling reason for you to try to prevent any infection, even a mild form of COVID.

This article looked at a century of studies published about the potential long-term brain consequences of viral infections such as the 1918 flu pandemic (but also of comparatively milder flu pandemics such as the Hong Kong flu) and has concluded that these kind of flu infections raise the ultimate risk of brain damage and especially of dementia.

In other words, even if you don’t suffer much from a COVID-19 infection, you may still end up with long-term deleterious health effects.

Now, having been young once myself (yes, I was, honest), I know this study won’t persuade most young people to be more careful cuz to be young is, for most young people, not to worry about long-term health consequences of current behaviors.

But if it persuades even a few young people to wear a mask, avoid a party, social distance more, then it’s been worth mentioning.

And if you’re already middle-aged – or older – and you now know so much more than you knew at the age of 20 – take this study as a warning to stay safe and to be very vigilant.