Again, you are what you eat

Or maybe it should be that if you want to have the best chance of warding off a COVID infection, “You are what’s eating you” because according to this recent study published in BMJ, “the gut microbiome” which has become the subject of tons of interest in terms of what kind of immunity we end up with, “is involved in the magnitude of COVID-19 severity”.

Which translates in more accessible English as “The healthier the bacteria in your gut, the less likely you are to develop as severe a bout of COVID should you become infected.”

In this study of 100 patients in Hong Kong with COVID, patients with more severe disease had higher blood levels of inflammatory proteins and other inflammatory markers.

Now it could just be that people who develop severe COVID also end up with less healthy gut bacteria, but I think it’s much more likely that the healthier your gut, the less likely you are to get severely ill with this viral infection.