Some good questions from the federal NDP health critic

A report in the Vancouver Sun states that Federal NDP health critic Don Davies has just said that the just-announced 4-week delay in the delivery of the Pfizer vaccine (just remember to go back to that in a month to see how “accurate” Pfizer was in their 4-week delay prediction because this strikes me as akin to what a house renovator tells you when a new unforeseen problem has cropped up and you want to know how long this will delay your renovation – my experience is that the renovator tells you exactly what you want to hear because, after all, what choice have you got but to believe him?) “should put more pressure on government to be more transparent about their deals with big pharmaceutical companies, especially since COVID-19 cases are rising sharply elsewhere.”

I guess that’s because Trudeau and his cabinet colleagues have bragged many times about how Canada has reserved more vaccine than any country in the world but to mis-cite an old great Seinfeld episode: “Anyone can reserve a vaccine; but not everyone can deliver a vaccine.”

Davies also “wants government to reveal the exact number of vaccine doses it has secured from manufacturers through September”.

And he also “criticized the Liberals for failing to negotiate a licensing agreement to manufacture the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has not yet been approved by Health Canada but has been approved by other countries such as Australia, Japan and Brazil. “

So how well do you think the people in charge of trying to keep Canadians as healthy as possible have done in this emergency?