No reason yet to get too alarmed about the deaths in Norway following coronavirus vaccination

As of Sunday, January 17, Norway has reported the deaths of 29 frail, elderly seniors with serious underlying health conditions following inoculation with coronavirus vaccine (all the vaccines used in Norway were from Pfizer).

Clearly, this needs to be very carefully and speedily monitored and evaluated, especially looking for a warning sign that might indicate that a particular group of frail old individuals are at significantly higher risk of problems from the vaccine’s side effects (which is the leading theory right now about why these people died soon after vaccination).

But even if the health authorities eventually find a risk of death from serious vaccine side effects in this cohort – the frail, elderly with multiple health problems – that risk has to be balanced against the high risk of death from coronavirus infection for such individuals should they become infected, and alas, this is a group that is still highly susceptible to infections.

So given that this pandemic is still going full-guns and given that (aside from a vaccine) we really haven’t as yet come up with good-enough solutions about how best to protect frail, elderly seniors, that balance may end up being a very difficult and heart-rending balance to try to find.