We need to up our COVID-19 game

Joe Biden says that he is certain that the US will be able to vaccinate 100 million Americans within 100 days of his taking office.

And Dr. Anthony Fauci says it’s “doable.”

So in pretty simple terms, if the Americans hit their mark, that means that over 33 % of the US population will have been vaccinated with at least one dose of vaccine by roughly May 1.

How will Canada match up?

Well, according to Maj. Gen. Dany Fortin, the vice-president of logistics at the Public Health Agency of Canada, there won’t be enough doses (of vaccine) shipped to provinces and territories to “ramp up” the vaccination program for another few months, or until April 1, when we expect – the key word here for skeptics is “expect” – delivery of1,000,000 doses a week for the next several months (barring further cuts in vaccine supply, of course).

Which very likely means that no more than 22-23 % (at best) of the Canadian population will be vaccinated with at least one dose by May 1.

Yet everyone calls the American vaccine effort a shambles.

(And hey, no fair pointing out that Canada is at a huge disadvantage for vaccine rollout since Canada is so much larger since the vast majority of our population lives on a very narrow band a few miles above the American border which should make vaccine delivery to the vast majority of Canadians a pretty easy thing to arrange).

Clearly, it would help a lot if Health Canada approved the other vaccine candidates that are out there such as the one from AstraZeneca (HC is looking at the data on that one, they say, presumably the same data that the British authorities looked at and then approved that vaccine weeks ago; here’s a puzzler: how long should it take to analyze data in a pandemic?) and the one from Johnson & Johnson (my fave, BTW, but J &J has not yet finished it’s Phase 3 trial, and God only knows how long HC will decide it needs to sit on that data set before deciding that it would benefit Canadians a lot to get more quickly vaccinated).

We – actually, they – are not doing a good enough job at protecting Canadians and everyone – blustering politicians who promised the goods but who have simply not delivered the goods fast enough, health authorities who have been slow to get vaccines into arms (although to be fair, in many cases, they haven’t had enough to work with), and Health Canada, which has to realize that this is not a trial run but rather a deadly race that many people are in – needs to sharply up their game, plain and simple.