Why are some people not following the pandemic behaviour guidelines?

According to 100 Mile House Mayor Mitch Campsall, “It’s been rough”, which is about as under-stated a statement as you can make for a tiny community that has been dealing with more than 60 cases of COVID (and much worse to come, alas, if the SARS-Co-V-2 variants take off as everyone fears they might).

And according to the mayor, a lot of the problem comes from just a small handful of people who are not adhering to the restrictive guidelines that can significantly lower the rare of infection in the community.

More from the mayor: “We live in a me, me, me world. It’s all about me, it’s not about the community … people have got to get the right information.”

I wish the mayor were right but it really has nothing to do with lack of information, I’m afraid.

The information is out there.

Rather, it’s because that small handful of people are anti-social – not sure what the right noun is here so insert your own – who revel in making life harder for everyone else.