So why didn’t Trudeau respond like the EU leaders?

Canada will only receive about half the number of Pfizer doses it had expected over the next four weeks.

Yet, when Pfizer announced the same cut for the EU a week ago, Angela Merkel and her buddies immediately phoned the powers at Pfizer to register their complaint, and presto and very unsurprisingly, within hours, Pfizer rescinded the cut to the EU, even though, you might note, this delay is due to a revamp of a manufacturing facility in the EU (Canada, of course, does not have its own vaccine manufacturing facilities).

So did Trudeau and Anand and the others also call the Pfizer CEO?

If they did, Trudeau should tell us what was said and why Canada had to suffer the deepest cut (which is supposed to be temporary, but temporary has a nasty habit of being as long as the person who defines it says it is).

And if no Canadian biggie did phone Pfizer or attempt to pressure them, Trudeau should tell us why they decided not to.

And then they should resign and put in charge the kind of people who don’t just whimper a response when something they were promised – and something that is so vital to the well-being of the population – is not delivered as promised.