Why doesn’t Health Canada tell us why it’s hesitating approving the AstraZeneca vaccine?

Everyone in Canada is angry at having no Pfizer vaccine delivered to Canada this week, and if you’re not, you should be.

The EU also had its vaccine delivery cut this week to 92% – not cut by 92 % but cut to 92 % – and the EU is livid with Pfizer.

So we are rightly a whole lot angrier with Pfizer.

Yet our feckless middle-aged wonder Prime Minister has not told us yet if he’s even called Pfizer to beg for perhaps one small allotment of the vaccine that went to the EU instead.

On top of which Health Canada continues to sit on the AstraZeneca data without a public word as to why it’s hesitating about approving that data.

Even if AZ didn’t have any vaccine to give us tomorrow – although it undoubtedly has – wouldn’t every Canadian instantly feel a whole lot better just knowing there’s another vaccine coming?

What is their problem?