Here’s how hard it is to contain this coronavirus

Israel has managed to vaccinate over 25 % of its population, and even a much greater proportion of the most vulnerable parts of the population, the elderly, those in care homes, and those with co-existing chronic conditions.

Yet, today, Sunday, January 24, Israel announced that it’s banning all passenger flights into the country for at least a week, and most people believe, likely longer.

It’s all because Israeli health authorities are really concerned about the damage that may accrue – even in this comparatively highly-vaccinated population – from the variant strains of coronavirus that have been detected in the country, and which Israeli travelers (Israelis are passionate travelers) have brought back in with them.

So consider Canada.

About 1 % of the population vaccinated so far.

International flights still landing at major airports, some of them with passengers who are all at risk of infection – pleaser note: all the passengers, not just a few in some rows.

And even though we only test a pretty low rate of around 5 % of all cases for genetic profile, the British mutant strain has already been detected in several dozen people, most worryingly perhaps, among several people in a care home in Ontario.

You don’t have to know much about infections or epidemiology to feel that this is not looking too good for the foreseeable future in Canada.