Best news of the week

Actually, of the month, and certainly of this year.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, “Israel’s Maccabi Healthcare Services revealed that only 0.015 percent of people are getting infected in the week after receiving their second shot” (Israelis are getting the Pfizer vaccine), which makes the Pfizer vaccine, if this trend in the data holds up in the further weeks, even more effective than the vaccine was in the trials.

Specifically, of the 128,600 members of the Maccabi Healthcare Services who had moved seven days beyond full vaccine protection, only 20 have caught the coronavirus after they were considered immunized .

Which are amazing numbers, you have to agree, especially since it should mean the vaccine is holding up in the people most at risk because it is well-established that Israel has done an outstanding job in immunizing the most vulnerable Israelis, frail seniors and those with significant co-existing conditions.

This was of course only an observation study (that is, one without a control group) so you can’t compare the un-immunized with the immunized, but you can be sure that with the severe COVID outbreak in Israel, there would have been lots more cases in this cohort if they had not been immunized.

Just as important, this article also cites the doc in charge as claiming that of the 20 people who did get COVID after vaccination, “none was hospitalized or suffered from a fever higher than 38.5 degrees .”