Idiots hang around with idiots

Not exactly a Eureka moment because it’s so obvious: If you hang around with people who do the right thing, you are more likely to do the right thing yourself.

And vice versa, of course.

And that’s especially true during this pandemic.

So a study published in the British Journal of Psychology that analyzed data obtained from more than 6,600 people in 114 countries concluded, shockingly, that people who “thought that their close social circle adhered to distancing guidelines were more likely to do the same”.

And that was true, apparently, even if those people didn’t feel that social distancing was that important a guideline to follow.

If you wear a mask always, it’s likely that even your friends who don’t believe it’s as important to do will more likely wear a mask anyway, even if it’s only to placate you, but then who cares what the reason might be.

It’s the mask-wearing that’s most important.