Vitamin D may explain some of the difference in COVID-19 infection rates

According to a study published in the journal, Nutrition, that looked at thousands of case records in Florida, people who are vitamin D deficient (not just seniors) are significantly more likely to end up testing positive for COVID-19.

As the authors report: “. . . vitamin D deficiency increased the risk of developing COVID-19 by a factor of 5”.

This was true for all age groups but I would stress its impact on seniors especially because many – perhaps most – seniors don’t get outside as much as they used to, and not nearly as much as younger people do on average.

A host of reasons for this: Mobility issues, fear, frailty, and more.

But whatever the reason, since vitamin D is best made by the sun dancing on your skin, many seniors are also deficient in vitamin D.

Bottom line: Get your regular healthy dose of sunshine (as with everything, it’s not healthy to overdo it, of course) and seniors especially, I think, should make sure to take regular supplements of vitamin D (again, without over-doing it).