Trudeau is sounding more like a home renovator than a vaccine delivery man

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters yesterday that Canada’s vaccine doses are still “very much on track,” despite warnings from the European Union that it might impose controls on European-made vaccine doses.

“I spoke to the CEO of Moderna about an hour and a half ago, so the topic of the recent musings by Europe certainly came up, and (the company) was very, very clear that Canadian contracts that have been signed, and the delivery schedule we have laid out, will be respected,” the prime minister said.

Thing is, Moderna has not threatened to cut back vaccine doses delivered to Canada.

Pfizer has, and last I checked, the CEO of Moderna has nothing to say about what Pfizer will do.

Plus, the control threat is coming from the EU, not from the drug companies.

You don’t feel reassured about the schedule on your renovation just because the renovator says everything is still on schedule.

The renovator will tell you anything, usually what he thinks you want to hear.

You can only feel reassured when the flooring, the roofing, the insulation, all the supplies have been delivered and when all the sub-contractors have done what they were supposed to do.