What lies ahead?

So if you think this vaccine rollout is gonna be a walk in the park and we will soon be back to where we were before the pandemic – once we get enough vaccine doses here in Canada, of course – just stop to consider this.

In order to immunize as many Canadians as possible (and assuming there are no more arguments about who should be where in line), this is what’s gonna have to go down before we can even immunize a few hundred thousand Canadians.

1: Get the vaccines to Canada (clearly, this has been way more of a problem than our politician-in-charge told us it would be; sure, we ordered more vaccine than any other country, but the trick is not to order many doses, the trick is to get those doses into the country, and so far, we are not doing well at all at the latter)

2: Distribute the vaccines to the provinces and territories (and please remember the special transport and storage problems associated with these vaccines which just can’t lie around for too many hours before becoming unusable)

3: The Provincial authorities have to then distribute the vaccines to the locations where they will actually be injected (again, bearing in mind the special problems linked to transport and storage), and to have enough trained personnel on hand to inject those vaccines to the many people who will not doubt want these injections to proceed 24/7

4: Set up an un-crashable and adequately-staffed system – internet and phone (“Your call is important to us. Currently the wait time is 4 days. Do not hang up as you will be served faster by staying on the line. But eat regularly.” – to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of us who will rush to get an appointment for the first shot as soon as we can log on or get someone on the phone, and then this heavily-(over?)worked system has to make sure we can come back in the allotted time for the necessary 2nd shot

5: Set up large-enough (transportation needs for injectees stand out here) and adequately-staffed locations to hold those thousands before their shot and for at least 15 minutes after (to make sure of no severe reactions) where they won’t end up mingling closely with all the others in the holding tank

And I probably haven’t even thought of a bunch of other potential logistical problems

This is going to be a a major, major undertaking so here’s fervent hoping that the people in charge in Canada are up to this urgent once-in-a-lifetime task