More about vitamin D

So I told you all a couple of days ago why vitamin D might be helpful during this pandemic, and please note that the operative word here is “might”.

But that said, it’s important also to point out that vitamin D is very likely not the panacea for the many other conditions that so many “experts” have been touting the last few years, especially that it is not likely to be useful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, which is something that has been widely promoted by a few less-than-robust study results.

So here’s the latest update on that: In a recent study led by one of Canada’s most well-known and respected researchers, Dr. David Jenkins from the University of Toronto, the researchers looked at 156 previously-published studies that had aimed to find a link between supplemental vitamin and mineral use and the risk of cardiovascular disease, and they concluded that there were “no cardiovascular or mortality benefits from taking multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, or vitamin C”.

There might, however, be small benefit against the risk of stroke, this team found, from taking folic acid or B vitamins.

But the bottom line is pretty clear.

Compared to the lack of cardiovascular health benefits from the regular ingestion of vitamin and mineral supplements (and perhaps even potential risks from some of those supplements ), the authors conclude that “more CVD gains can be achieved by dietary change (to a) more plant-based diets”.

You don’t have to give up beef.

But you should certainly try to add more bok choy. Or broccoli. Or whatever plant you fancy.