In a town hall meeting on Global TV, Dr. Bonnie Henry said that, “If I look back to the middle of October, I think I underestimated — and maybe we all did — how much people were actually getting together over Thanksgiving (and) the weeks before that”.

She also said,  “I would have probably tried to come in with more stricter restrictions in October, when we were actually doing OK, but we had a rapid increase.”

Which is exactly when BC was going through a cynically-called election so that those in government who should have been devoting all their efforts only to helping control the pandemic’s consequences on the province were to a great extent, otherwise engaged, not to mention that it takes very little insight to recognize that a government focused on winning an election is going to be very reluctant to help a public health officer make life even more restrictive, to help her impose “stricter restrictions”, on the people who might vote for it – or if angry enough, not vote for it – that month.

You don’t ask your kids if they think you’re a terrific parent just after you’ve grounded them.

Sure, hindsight is great.

But so is foresight, and foresight – plus being aware of what was actually happening in the province in October – would have predicted the distinct possibility that “people were . . . going to get together over Thanksgiving (and) the weeks before that”, and with “stricter restrictions” in October, we would likely have had (far?) fewer Covid-19 cases in BC, and by extension, fewer hospitalizations, fewer people in ICU, fewer cases of long COVID.

This is on all of them.