Here’s a downer prediction

A European “think tank” linked to the Economist has predicted that Canada won’t achieve widespread COVID-19 vaccination until the middle of 2022, this despite Trudeau’s continued claim that all Canadians who want to be vaccinated will be able to be vaccinated by September.

Not according to the Economist thinkers.

What they say is that although Canada has indeed ordered more vaccine doses than any other country, enough vaccine doses in fact that we could vaccinate our population 5 times over, “Canada will only be able to achieve mass vaccination (60-70% of the adult population) by the middle of next year”.

And a large part of the problem in the coming weeks and months clearly lies in Canada not having enough of the very small syringes that are required to extract the full dosage (6 instead of the 5 doses that standard syringes can extract) from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine vials, although other reports have it that Canada is, as we speak, belatedly desperately scouring the world to try to find more such small syringes (but then so is everyone else probably, so good luck, Canada).

Bottom line: Getting everyone in Canada vaccinated by September is gonna be a lot harder undertaking than our photo-hound political leader wants to admit.