More good vaccine news

It’s very important to remember at this point in the pandemic: Although things will get worse in the short term, the trend definitely shows that in the long term, we are gonna get on too of this virus, maybe not eliminate it entirely, but at least make it much less harmful.

And of course, part of the optimism about the long-term trend comes from the continuous good-news reports about vaccines.

The latest such good news is today’s report published in the Lancet about the Russian vaccine, Sputnik.

The main results:

Interim analysis from phase 3 trial of nearly 20,000 participants suggests efficacy of two-dose regimen of the adenovirus-based vaccine is 91.6% against symptomatic COVID-19.

No serious adverse events were deemed to be associated with vaccination.

Sub-analysis of 2,000 adults older than 60 years suggests the vaccine is similarly effective and well tolerated in this group

As good as it gets.