And now the COVAX guys are short-shipping Canada, too

Canada ranks somewhere in the low 20’s, even lower after this week, in percentage of population vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

To give some perspective, the number one country in vaccinating its population is Israel, which has vaccinated about 35 % iof its population.

Canada has vaccinated about 2.5 % of its population, a percentage that will go up very slowly because, well, because we are not getting much vaccine and some of what we do get has t go to give some people their second shots.

Yet every week we get a new announcement by vaccine suppliers that “Oops, terribly sorry but the doses that we promised you for this week. Pfft! But not to worry. We also promise that we will be back on schedule soon, although we don’t quite know when. But soon.”

This is happening, of course, to a country where the Prime Minister bragged openly about the fact that we had ordered far more vaccine than any other country and far more vaccine than we really needed.

So, Mister Prime Minister, try selling that happy note to the tens of millions of Canadians who are far from returning to anything resembling normal and who are still far from being vaccinated in numbers needed to stem this virus, all while virus variants that are said to be less sensitive to the vaccines that we can’t get enough of are proliferating out there in numbers that we can’t ascertain because we don’t test enough to know what’s really happening.

And if those variants take off before we vaccinate enough people because we simply can’t vaccinate enough people because no one made sure that the vaccines we need so badly were gonna get delivered on an on-time schedule via an iron-clad contract, the number of vulnerable Canadians who will die of COVID-19 will start to rise soon, perhaps even sky-rocket.

It’s beginning to resemble a farce, albeit one with tragic overtones.