Another benefit of being outside more

In scaring people so much about sun safety, we have also scared people into vastly under-estimating the many benefits of spending more time outdoors, benefits that have become so much clearer this year as we’ve been forced to spend so much more time indoors.

Of course, among the many benefits of being outdoors more, perhaps the greatest one is the effect of the sun on our skin to produce higher vitamin D levels, which have been linked to a great many potential health benefits, particularly lower levels of some cancers.

The latest observational study to find a link between more time spent outdoors and a lower level of cancer study published online in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine that looked at the Danish Cancer Registry to find the records of nearly 40,000 women under the age of 70 who had been diagnosed with primary breast cancer and the researchers concluded that “working outdoors over many years is linked to a lower risk of breast cancer in women after the age of 50”.

As you’d expect, the researchers speculate it’s because of those higher levels of vitamin D that outside workers must surely have compared to women who spend less time outdoors that accounts for the former having less risk of breast cancer.