Why isn’t Health Canada saying anything about the delay in approving more vaccines?

Today, the feds suddenly announced yet another short-shipment from Moderna for the week of February 22, this one coming on top of a previous reduced shipment for most of February.

And to rub salt in the wound, there seems to be no reason given for this new delay.

So as of today, Canada ranks 33rd in the world in immunizing its vulnerable population, and with these new delays, you can bet Canada will fall even further behind.

Can you say “We’re number 51”? Or 61?

So with at least 2 other vaccines that Health Canada has been looking at for weeks, can the bureaucrats at a publicly-funded institution not tell us – the increasingly-anxious people paying for these ivory-tower mavens to deliberate – why the hell they haven’t approved these vaccines?

And why are these deliberations held privately?

It is very hard to believe that there is much in the data that can’t be shared with the public, and even a mild hint at what the slowdown is about and when that might be settled one way or another would probably settle some of the nervousness out there.

But then that’s how Ottawa has always worked.