The race to get a coronavirus vaccine is harder on some seniors than on others

A really excellent article in Kaiser Health News talks about the elderly haves and elsderly have-nots who are trying to get a coronavirus vaccine.

Not the haves who have money and the have-nots who don’t, although that undoubtedly plays a very key role here.

Rather, it’s the difference between those who have the computer skills to navigate the often-burdensome chore of trying to get an appointment for a vaccine and the many seniors who aren’t nearly as computer-literate.

Among seniors, as among younger demographics, too, there are so may vital differences at working out how to get what you need on line: computer skill differences, language differences, cognitive differences – so many potential pitfalls for an online registration system.

Hopefully, the no-doubt millennial- age people who design apps and who will no doubt be designing an app for registration in BC are as aware of those pitfalls as they have to be.