Your toothbrush won’t kill you

Surely, you remember all those headline-hogging studies over the years that announced that toothbrushes stored near a toilet are very likely to be germ-infested tools – it’s the aerosol “spray” coming up from a toilet when it’s flushed that spreads like, well, like an aerosol; how’s that for a happy image? – out to kill you with some terrible antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or several such.

But not so fast the staphylococci, apparently.

According to a study by researchers from Northwestern University and published in the journal Microbiome, the bacteria on a toothbrush are much more likely to be similar to the bacteria in your mouth than they are to the bacteria in the toilet.

So now you can happily flush away, not worry about storing your toothbrush in some locale distant from your where you do your other duties in the bathroom, and just make sure that the bacteria in your mouth are organisms you can happily live with.