Yet another reason we may be under-counting COVID-19 cases

Two major reasons we are (significantly?) under-counting COVID-19 cases are pretty obvious: Many people whoa re infected have no symptoms, hence they don’t ever get tested.

And second, we just don’t test enough people, anyway.

But here’s one other reason that I never thought of.

We are not testing properly when we do test.

That’s according to researchers from Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ont. who claim that most instructions in Canada for conducting nasal swabs are incorrect.

That’s because, these people claim, most testers aren’t going deep enough into the nasopharynx to get their swab (just writing that last bit made me wince).

In fact, say these folks, the only provinces that instruct the testers to go deep enough – that’s at least (please sit down) 8 -9 cms or around 3-4 inches up your nose – are Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and the Yukon (BC is just short of that goal, apparently, at suggesting to the testers that they go up that nose to 7 cm).