We should be doing much more than we are

If you’re one of those people who thinks – like I do – that our public health authorities could be doing much more to help us during this pandemic, I suggest reading this article in CBC News and especially the words of Dr. Leyla Asadi, an infectious diseases physician at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has been behind the spread of this virus from day one, and they don’t seem to be in an urgent hurry to catch up, even with the spread of these worrisome more infective virus variants.

We are in a very worrying race with this virus – every day we don’t contain it means more deaths and more disease, and every day a mutant makes another inroad among us means it will be even harder to contain it.

And clearly this virus can change its “tactics” quite quickly, so our health agencies need to adapt to this shift-changing virus much more quickly than they are used to doing especially more information, better information, and much more testing.

And that should start yesterday.