If you’re on thyroid hormone therapy, check with your doctor to see if you still need it

Levothyroxine is one of the most prescribed drugs in North America, presumably for hypothyroidism or low thyroid hormone levels.

Yet studies have told us that a great many patients who are prescribed levothyroxine either don’t have any good-enough symptoms of low thyroid function in the first place – they were diagnosed either via a screening test (often done for no good reason) for low thyroid function or because some health care professional said, “Hey, what you have might be low thyroid function so let’s try this drug out, hmm?”- or do not improve after they’ve been put on the drug.

So no surprise, I guess, that a recent study found that fully 1/3 of patients who come off their prescribed levothyroxine continue to have normal thyroid levels even without any medication.

In other words, these people should likely not have been on levothyroxine in the first place.

If you’re not sure about why you are taking this drug – any drug, in fact – always check with your doctor about the reasons you are still on it, and if those reasons are not waterproof, it’s worth trying a trial without medication for most conditions.