It’s not always bad to gain a few pounds

In fact, gaining a few pounds as you age (can you do otherwise?) may even help you live longer.

Or perhaps, reading this backwards, not gaining weight as you age may be a sign of poorer health and an earlier demise.

At least those are the best potential explanations for a fascinating update from the very famous decades-long Framingham Heart Study.

In this update, the researchers, looking at both the original study participants and their offspring as well (this data was gathered over 6 decades) and they’ve determined that people who start adulthood with a BMI in the normal range and move later in life to being overweight—but never to being obese—tend to live the longest, even longer than those who nerver gained weight in adulthood (no surprise that the obese -for-life had the shortest life expectancy) .

The bad news in this study is for younger people who, at least according to these typical Americans in this study) are significantly less likely to enter middle-age at a normal weight than were their parents (no doubt true for Canadian young people as well).