This bodes well for the future in limiting disease from viruses

An American survey of more than 2,000 people has found that even when the threat of this pandemic has been reduced (an god only knows how long that will be), a majority of American adults say they will still keep using safety measures that they’ve adopted during the pandemic such as wearing masks, frequent hand-washing and avoiding large crowds.

Which can only help in lowering the future risk from several viruses that have just not had much of an impact during this pandemic, most notoriously flu, which has nearly disappeared from the radar in what should have been this flu season.

No one knows precisely why there has been such little flu action in North America this winter but common sense tells me that using masks, washing your hands often, not touching your face as much as you used to, and avoiding crowds and prolonged interaction with others indoors must surely play a prominent role in this trend.

And so it might do us lits of good in the future, too, if, that is, people, who are enormously fickle and who seem to have too-short memories for things they don’t want to remember, really stick to their guns and keep using these safety measures when we return to a semblance of normal.