The vaccines really will make a difference

Despite all the media attention on potential negatives during this pandemic, most recently all the attention that has been paid to mutant viral strains and their potential impact on vaccines, most of the world right now is heading in the right direction.

And most important, if enough vaccines can be given out in pretty quick time (over the next few months), we should be able to do much better at controlling a lot of the negative consequences from this pandemic.

And no country illustrates that better than Israel, which has done a remarkable job at immunizing an amazing percentage of its most vulnerable population.

As evidence about how much that kind of quick intensive vaccine rollout program can matter, this morning (February 9), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that “over 97% of the 1,536 people who died in the last month from COVID-19 had not been vaccinated.”

Or put another way, fewer than 3 % of Israelis who died over the last month from COVID-19 had been immunized, which is even better than the promised 95 % efficacy shown by the vaccines in their Phase 3 trials.

The best way to head off this virus is a no-brainer: Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. And soon.