If only Trudeau – and his minions at Health Canada-were more forthcoming

Why is Trudeau not telling us exactly what he asked for from Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, a discussion which was, according to Modi, all about needing help with vaccine supply?

All we got from Trudeau were some minced words about India being a great country, etc, etc.

What help was asked for?

How much help was asked for?

When was it asked for?

And what will it cost?

And while we’re talking about Trudeau not saying nearly enough, an old habit of Trudeau’s and one that becomes entrenched in anyone who moves to Ottawa, it seems, has he spoken to Moderna about their forthcoming short-shipment to Canada for “no reason?”

It would be so reassuring for Canadians if their Prime Minister – not to mention his many minions – would just tell us honestly what is happening, why it’s happening, what have htey been discussing and with whom and what the answers were, and what they are doing about any of it.

Just telling us that we’re on track is simply not good enough.

Not even a kid would accept that stock reassurance from a parent.

And we are not kids.

Plus, we pay he salaries of everyone in government, including the PM, so the least we deserve is honesty and full disclosure.