Wear your mask and better still, wear 2 masks

The US CDC has just issued a study that concluded that wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask substantially improves protection against coronavirus infection beyond wearing just a single cloth mask.

Specifically, the researchers concluded that wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask could reduce the wearer’s exposure to aerosols by more than 90%.

Just as important, I think, when a coughing person was also double-masked, the cumulative exposure to virus by another person was reduced by 82.2% .

WEar your masks.

And try to convince the doubters out there that they are doing this not for themselves (well, yes, they are but don’t stress that part) but also for everyone else.

You call yourself a patriot?

You love your fellow man?

Wearing a mask in public proves that way way better than marching for mask-less freedom.