An explanation for India’s low rate of COVID-19 deaths

I used to joke to my audiences (back when we still has live audiences for talks) that probably the best explanation for the “French Paradox” in which the French report much lower rates of cardiovascular deaths than other countries, this despite the typical high-fat French diet, their comparatively low rate of exercise, and their comparatively high rate of smoking (this was all true a couple of decades ago but happily, much has changed in the interim) was that the French simply lied about their statistics and often attributed a heart attack death, for example, to another cause entirely, such as liver disease or mal au fois.

So the India Paradox might best explain what has been a total mystery during this coronavirus pandemic, namely why there are so few deaths from COVID-19 reported in India.

Turns out, according to a study, that COVID-19 cases in the southern state of Karnataka, India, were nearly 95 times greater than reported.

Figures never lie . . .