Canada’s vaccine story is making headlines all over the world

And all for the wrong reasons.

Just in the last 24 hours, headline-grabbing stories on CNN, on the BBC web site, and in the Washington Post have all dealt with the same issue: Why Canada has done so poorly in vaccinating its population compared to, well, you name a first-world country and chances are they’ve done better than us.

And all these stories in foreign media lay the blame squarely where it should rest: On our Prime Minister, who clearly made terrible deals with the manufacturers of these vaccines (unless they release the actual contracts for the vaccines, which the feds are refusing to do with the usual BS argument that it’s proprietary information, we’ll never know quite how the feds got bamboozled in these contracts- my guess is that , in their haste to make up for the huge mistake of trying to sign a deal with a Chinese vaccine company, which was ultimately terminated by the Chinese, our federal negotiators didn’t totally understand what they were agreeing to in their deals with Pfizer and Moderna).

So FYI, as of today, Canada sits 40th in terms of doses given out per 100 people.

And we will slip even further behind in the coming week because our deliveries are still on reduced rations, as it were.

Please, sir, we need more.

This has been a total amateurish shambles, and one can only hope fervently that the feds up their game significantly when – and if – we start getting the large supply of vaccine delivered that our PM promises us is coming in the next few weeks.