Why I still get recognized easily even with my mask on

I have long been used to people acknowledging me in public.

It’s part of what you get from pushing your face on TV for 35 years – you become easily recognizable, both by people who like you and those who don’t, although happily, it’s nearly always the former who come over to chat or say “hello”.

The latter just write me nasty emails.

But I honestly thought that when the pandemic hit and I started to wear a mask everywhere, that recognition would drop off.

Perhaps it did for a while but it certainly seems to be like old times again these days, despite my now double-masking in public (plus hoodie-wearing – well, if you had as little hair as me, you’d also wear a hoodie outside to keep your head warm).

I still get recognized easily.

And apparently being easily-recognized is not unique for me, perhaps, it seems, due to my no-longer-to-be-doubted unique voice (with its what must-be distinct Montreal Jewish accent).

According to HealthDay, a study published online recently in the journal Cognition, “when speakers are instructed to ‘speak clearly’ while wearing a face mask, their speech is even better understood by listeners (compared to when the speakers are unmasked).”

We can adapt, it seems, to everything, which is ultimately a good piece of news.