If you’re a senior with pre-diabetes, you might be able to relax about it

Although adults with pre-diabetes are forever being warned that it their condition progresses they will surely develop frank diabetes (along with a much higher risk of all the complications associated with that condition), that fear may not be justified, according to a recent study from Johns Hopkins University.

In this real-world study of 3500 adults living in the community, the researchers write that few of them went on to develop diabetes, and they conclude that “older adults with blood sugar levels in the prediabetes range, few will actually develop diabetes”.

Pre-anything in medicine (pre-hypertension, pre-osteoporosis, etc) has often turned out to be a dangerous bit of labeling that has allowed those who argue for the existence of that “pre” state to impose treatments on the population they deem to be at risk, and very often those treatments have turned out to do more harm than good.