Why are we always being so nice?

A CBC report included the following 2 paragraphs, which nicely sum up something that so many people who are doing most of the right things during this pandemic can’t understand about the government’s actions, or more accurately, lack of action.

“The chief justice of the British Columbia Supreme Court says the attorney general is putting the court in an “impossible position” by asking for an injunction ordering three churches to stop in-person religious services until their challenge of public health orders is heard.

Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson says public health orders already prohibit such gatherings and it’s within the power of Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and the government to escalate enforcement without a court order. “

And it’s, of course, not just religious institutions that are bucking the public health officer’s orders (more like please) to keep the virus numbers down.

So as the chief justice asks, why doesn’t the government do more of what is entirely within its power to do, namely enforce the orders?

Instead, all of us are constantly cajoled to do more ourselves, when it isn’t most of us who are driving the higher numbers.

Doesn’t sound to me like a way to win this battle.