Good news and not-so-good news from the UK

A study from Imperial College London has determined that COVID infections have fallen by two-thirds in a month in England.

That’s very good news and it points out in a real-world way that using social restrictions (masks, social distancing, lockdowns) and rapid, widespread vaccinations are working to significantly cut down infections.

The off-setting disappointing news, though, is that the same study indicates that the virus is now spreading most among primary-age children and young people.

And unfortunately, no one really knows what that will mean going forward – it’s all speculation because young people have been so “closed down” for months, on top of which the effects of the new viral strains and hybrids is still totally unknown in anyone, let alone in kids.

Hopefully, and the optimist in me believes this is the most likely scenario, things will play out as well for the young (at least compared to how the virus has affected older people) as it has up to now.