We will believe her when it happens – not before

The Globe and Mail reports that Procurement Minister (a very odd portfolio name, I suggest, in part because the Procurement Minister has not procured very much as yet) Anita Anand says “Canada’s steady drop in international COVID-19 vaccination rankings will start to reverse as the country gets a significant increase in vaccine deliveries in the coming months.”


But the only way to judge the accuracy of that prediction is in the real world, and since, in the real world Canada has fallen into something like 60th place in vaccinating its population (per 100 people), I would suggest holding off believing her until the needles hit the arms in sufficient numbers.

BTW, this week, apparently BC has run out of vaccines.

Run out.

As in totally dry.

All this while potentially dangerous coronavirus variants are spreading in the community.

The Procurement Minister has simply not procured enough early delivery of vaccine.

That’s a D minus on job performance for now.

We’ll re-judge how well she did her job overall when we mix these two factors: How much vaccine was delivered in Canada in time to stave off another spike in cases.