A not-so-trivial pursuit

According to Dr. Bonnie Henry, 15 people tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a 50-person trivia party somewhere in the Fraser Valley over the Family Day weekend.

Only2 possible explanations.

Either these people thought that being a whiz at trivia means that you are automatically very low-risk (via a trivia shield) for getting infected even in an obvious high-risk situation.

Or they simply don’t care if they carry an infection into the community.

No matter the reasoning, when they become infected, these are people who then move their infections into the community, and most of the people they will pass their infection on to are not protected by being trivia experts, and those others may develop a serious, sometimes fatal condition purely from association with a (fill in the blank).

Quick, for 3 points: How many people will these idiots ultimately infect?