What are they afraid of?

According to a story in the Province, the BC government is setting up clinics in every municipality in the province to deal with the supposed deluge of coronavirus vaccines that they are going to administer very soon.

That’s reassuring to the extent, I guess, that it certainly b
eats the alternative, namely, not setting up such spaces.

But, and this is the real story, the health ministry is refusing to say where the clinics are located, when they will be up and running, and any other detail that an anxiously-awaiting public would love to know, even though, there is presumably only 1-2 weeks to go before these clinics are going full-blast.


Because they can.

But you have to ask: Since when was silence from a public body an acceptable strategy, especially in the midst of an anxiety-provoking epidemic?

Totally ridiculous.

If you were in a family that worked this way, you would move out.

Unfortunately, we have no where to go.