Why are we so far behind?

The British government declared this past weekend that every adult in the UK will be able to have received a firsts dose of coronavirus vaccine by July 31.

Every adult, note, not just seniors and health care workers.

Canada, not so fast.

Not even close.

Even if you believe Trudeau’s guess about vaccine delivery (and has he ever been wrong?), we will not vaccinate our adult population until wat best end of September, at least 2 full months behind the UK, which started off in such a shambolic fashion but which has now clearly bested Canadian efforts to vaccinate its citizens.

And remember, the UK has been vaccinating full-tilt for weeks now, which not only means that their number of infections and hospitalizations should be coming down far fast than ours will (comparatively for size of population, of course), but it also means that they have likely worked most of the kinks out of carrying off this mass-scale effort.

Canada, on the other hand, has still not had a chance to see if they can even distribute the vast number of vaccines that we will have to distribute in the coming months, let alone worked out the no-doubt still-unforeseen problems that will arrive at the distribution sites.

There is absolutely no doubt about this: Canadian health authorities and government officials from top to bottom have simply not done as good a job as health authorities and officials in other countries.